Have We Met Before? The Revolution of Trust, Identity and Privacy in a Connected World

Data breaches, pfishing attacks, fake news, election hacking…many of today’s headlines share a common underpinning: the profound, technology-driven changes in our understanding of who we can trust.

Facebook has been one of the companies at the centre of these headlines. In this highly-topical keynote, former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, shares his insider’s view of how trust and identity are being redefined in a data-driven, digital-first world, how the future of trust is likely to unfold in a world dominated by Google/Facebook/Apple/Amazon, and how individuals and organisations can come to terms with new definitions of trust, identity and privacy far different than those understood just a generation ago.

Stephen offers both a Silicon Valley insider’s views on the current revolution in trust sweeping business and society, and practical advice for how individuals and organisations can manage trust in this new, hyper-connected world.

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