I could listen to this guy for hours!

Australian Governance


Brilliant, relevant, thought provoking - 10 out of 10!

Inspiring Leaders


Engaging and insightful! I got a lot of useful advice out of this session.

Inspiring Leaders


Brilliant! Rethinking how to run a business + engage a team to purpose.

Inspiring Leaders


Everyone was raving about how fantastic you were and you were quoted for the rest of the day! You were so interesting - undoubtedly the best session of the day!

Westpac Group

The best reason for coming to this 2-day conference

Australian Governance


Really relevant, very engaging and practical! Dramatically exceeded my expectations! Apart from Stephen being a great presenter and speaker, it is real world and talking to actual lessons and experience.

AMP Amplify

I cannot think of anyone in ANZ who can advise senior leaders on these issues with Stephen’s degree of authority and understanding of strategic issues and commercial realities.

University of WA Business School

Your engaging personality and enthusiastic speech worked their magic to transform a usually silent audience of lawyers and accountants into an active and productive discussion about the future of the tax profession.

Future of the Tax Profession Symposium

Stephen was a sensational speaker…captivating, knowledgeable and a fantastic energy to have on stage.

Startup Grind

Stephen was relaxed, eloquent, engaging and highly insightful, keeping the audience engaged for over an hour with just a seat and himself. Amazing!

PwC Australia

Your talk to my leadership team sparked the types of discussions I was hoping for!


I have a much better understanding of what is coming…Stephen really opened my eyes to the business and social implications of digital disruption!

Bunnings Group

We had nine speakers today and you were the highlight x10!

Macquarie Group

Custom-Built for You

Can’t find the topic that’s right for your audience? Contact Stephen now to customise a talk to your specific needs.


Walk the Talk: Mastering the Eight Elements of Disruptive Leadership


Have We Met Before? The Revolution of Trust, Identity & Privacy in a Connected World

The Future/Disruption

The Digital Invasion: An Insider’s Guide to the Coming Revolution

Leading Millenials

Based on the acclaimed talk The Oldest Guy at Facebook: A Facebook Insider’s View of How to Lead a Millennial Workforce

Millenial Consumers

The Rising Power of Millennial Consumers and How Your Business Can Capture Them


High-Performing Teams: 8 Lessons from Facebook and the Tech Giants

The Facebook Story

Inside Facebook: The Secrets behind Facebook’s Meteoric Rise…and How You Can Apply Them to Your Own Business

Start-ups & Entrepreneurship

The Zuck Factor: What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Facebook

Digital Media & Marketing

Will Big Brands Survive? The Future of Marketing in the Digital Age

Technology & Business

The Tech Titans: How Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are Reshaping Competition for Every Business on Earth


Advance Amazonia Fair: What Amazon’s Arrival Means for Every Australian Business and Consumer


World War Data: How Data, Analytics & AI Will Dominate the Business Battleground of the Future

Leadership in a Digital Age

Based on the acclaimed talk The Digital CEO: How Today’s Leaders Must Change to Succeedin the Digital Age

Innovative Culture

Digital DNA: How to Bake Silicon Valley Culture and Innovation into Your Business


Based on the acclaimed talk. Find out more about The Eight Elements of Disruptive Leadership Masterclass, Stephen Scheeler’s immersive guide to business leadership in the 21st century.

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