The Digital Invasion: An Insider’s Guide to the Coming Revolution

Stephen Scheeler is the former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, and was one of Facebook’s top 50 executives globally. Unique among speakers on the future and technology, Stephen personally helped drive the disruption we’re seeing in the world today.

In this visionary keynote, Stephen shares inside stories about how Facebook and the tech giants think about innovation, where they are placing their bets for the future – and, most importantly, what all this means for the future of consumers, business and society.

Stephen lays out five themes of how the next wave of digital innovation will lead to a true end of isolation for businesses, industries and countries around the world:

  1. Drinking from the data firehose: how generating, capturing and deriving insights from data will become the new basis of competition for every business on earth, and how those consumers who can master control of their own data identity will dominate the economy.
  2. A communications virtual revolution: how virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the way we communicate with each other and with businesses, generating new opportunities for value-creation for the nimble winners…and a rapid demise for companies who move too slowly.
  3. Everything is available to everyone: how the emergence of huge platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon have created globally-accessible resources that will change the very nature of competition.
  4. Things go to people: how the coming convergence of virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and drone delivery will rapidly alter the status quo of why people and things move, and how this will rapidly disrupt many existing industries.
  5. The future belongs to fast brands: how the world of brand-building through mass media (especially, TV) is coming to an end, and how the new, digital media world will be dominated by brands which are data-led, digital-first and lightning-fast.
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