The Zuck Factor: What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Facebook

Only a few years ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was widely dismissed as an “accidental billionaire” who stumbled upon the Facebook formula by chance. Today, he is regarded as one of the most visionary and influential entrepreneurs in history.

Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, spent five years inside Zuckerberg’s amazing Facebook machine, helping lead Facebook from mere start-up to the global force it is today. Stephen experienced first-hand Zuckerberg’s unique approach to innovation, disruption, culture and leadership…and how Zuckerberg brings an entrepreneur’s eyes to problems and opportunities on a global scale.

In this unique keynote, Stephen brings to life the daily excitement of living and working in Zuckerberg’s orbit, Facebook’s ground-breaking approach to building a disruptive culture, the strengths and shortcomings of the Zuck approach, and what every entrepreneur can borrow for their own business from the Facebook way.

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