The Rising Power of Millennial Consumers and How Your Business Can Capture Them

Oceans of ink have been spilt by pundits extolling the threats and opportunities posed by the rise of the millennial consumer. But few of these commentators have deep leadership experience inside the world’s most millennial consumer business, Facebook.

In this enlightening keynote, former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, demystifies the millennial phenomenon, bringing an inside-Silicon-Valley perspective on how to think about digital-first consumers – and how to build brands, products and services that serve their unique behaviours and needs.

Stephen looks past the assumptions and stereotypes about millennials to reveal true, actionable insights about both digital-first consumers, and the business capabilities you need in order to reach, capture and retain them. He argues that understanding the behavior of millennials is far easier than building the digital and data expertise needed to court them, and he takes audiences inside Facebook’s radical approach to building the world’s most millennial-obsessed business.

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