The Eight Elements of Disruptive Leadership Masterclass

Many of today’s business leaders are ill-equipped for the demands of leadership in the 21st-century, where “digital” and “disruptive” experience & skills mean the difference between success and failure in leading businesses of all sizes and sectors…and are the #1 determinant of whether you get that next job, or someone else beats you to it.

Stephen Scheeler has a record of transformative business leadership which few can emulate. From his recent tenure as one of Facebook’s most senior global executives, to senior executive roles at iconic Australian giants Lion and Westfield, to his current roles as founder of The Digital CEO and Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company – Stephen has thrived at the frontier of technology, disruption and change for 25 years.

In this energizing masterclass, Stephen shares his personal insights into the secrets of great leadership in the 21st century. From disruptive Silicon Valley giant Facebook to incumbent corporate titans, Stephen draws on his unparalleled leadership experience to offer actionable advice for leaders of businesses large and small on how to transform their personal leadership style, rapidly gain impressive digital experience and insight, and remake themselves into versatile, high-impact, disruptive leaders.

The eight elements are: vision, humility, curiosity, adaptability, transparency, data dexterity, customer obsession and speed.

Through The Eight Elements of Disruptive Leadership you will:

  • Increase your capacity to articulate a compelling vision for yourself and your team
  • Deepen your command of humility and curiosity as pillars of your leadership formula
  • Build new capabilities in data dexterity and customer obsession
  • Learn how adaptability can help you reimagine yourself as a leader, and take your career in exciting new directions
  • Master new techniques for harnessing transparency and speed as powerful weapons in your leadership arsenal
  • Build a simple but powerful plan for remaking yourself as a disruptive, digitally-savvy leader for the 21st century

Sample Agenda

(2 x 2-hour sessions, separated by lunch)
  • Becoming The Digital CEO: Why the Eight Elements Matter More Than Ever
  • Unpacking the Eight (part 1): Vision, Humility, Curiosity, Adaptability, Transparency
  • Group/Individual Activity: Applying the Elements
  • Feedback on the morning
  • Unpacking the Eight (part 2): Data Dexterity, Customer Obsession, Speed
  • Group/Individual Activity: Applying the Elements
  • Spotlight: Insights from a Disruptive Leader (TBC)
  • Feedback on the afternoon
  • Wrap Up: My Disruptive Leadership Plan
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