The Oldest Guy at Facebook: A Facebook Insider’s View of How to Lead a Millennial Workforce

Millennials. Gen Z. Digital Natives. Whatever you call them, there is no doubt the rise of digital-first workers poses challenges and opportunities that leave many “traditional” business leaders struggling to adapt.

Arguably, Facebook is the world’s first millennial super-company, led by a millennial founder and CEO (Mark Zuckerberg), run by a jungle gym of brilliant millennial wunderkinds, and serving billions of digital customers everyday over Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Former Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler, was the oldest senior leader in the history of Facebook, and has unparalleled real-world experience of leading at the most millennial company on earth.

In this uniquely insightful keynote, Stephen demystifies the millennial phenomenon and shares his personal lessons in cross-generational leadership: What does it take to successfully lead a millennial workforce – especially if you are not a millennial yourself? How can leaders learn to adapt their leadership style to tap into the enthusiasm, curiosity and ambition of millennials? What are the “bad habits” of old-school leaders which, if not avoided, will lead to ineffectual teams, dysfunctional culture and corporate failure?

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