The Digital CEO: How Today’s Leaders Must Change to Succeed in the Digital Age

Until now, most business leaders have been able to build successful careers without deep digital chops. For decades, strong command of financial, operational or technical disciplines were the bedrock of business leadership, and “digital” was left to others in the organization to understand and apply.

But in the future, digital experience & skills will mean the difference between success and failure in leading businesses of all sizes and sectors…and will be the #1 determinant of whether you get that next job, or someone more “digital” beats you to it.

In this essential keynote, Stephen Scheeler shares his personal journey of digital leadership as Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, and distills important and practical advice for business leaders of all stripes – from small business entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEO’s and board directors – on how to “digitise” their personal leadership style, rapidly gain impressive digital experience and insight, and remake themselves into versatile, high-impact, digitally-savvy leaders.

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