Digital DNA: How to Bake Silicon Valley Culture and Innovation into Your Business

Data-driven. Agile. Customer-obsessed. These are a few of the buzzwords surrounding the new wave of business innovation coming out of the world’s leading tech companies. With deep pockets and cool campuses, businesses like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have built more than wildly-successful companies – they have built fast-paced, glamorous cultures which are the envy of the business world.

But, far from the bright lights of California, how can you infuse Silicon Valley culture into the DNA of your own company or team?

Drawing from his years as Facebook CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Scheeler shares his essential insights about how the Silicon Valley giants meticulously nurture a high-impact, innovative culture – from their unique approach to leadership & management, to talent development, work-life integration, mission, vision and values…and how all this links back to the strategy, profitability and growth which every company needs to drive.

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