The Algorithmic Tsunami: A Silicon Valley Insider’s Guide to the Promise & Pitfalls of the A.I. Revolution

Once the realm of science fiction, the recent rise of A.I. means that all organisations must come to grips with the awesome new potential which A.I. presents to re-imagine processes, products & business models.

In this keynote, Stephen brings his unique insight as CEO of Omniscient – one of the world’s most innovative A.I. companies – to how A.I. is transforming both the customer experience & the basis of competition in dozens of industries – from consumer products & retail, to banking, media, education, transportation, healthcare & travel – as well the promise & pitfalls which this holds for business leaders, for individuals & for society.

Who this is for: Relevant for any organisation or management team trying to understand the rise of A.I. as a business opportunity and/or threat.

Key Takeaways: A straight-talking, demystification of A.I.: what is it good for, where does it fall short, and how should we think about maximising its potential & controlling its downsides – both for organisations, and for society at large.

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